Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ladies, Is It REALLY Our Fault?

A friend recently posted this article: and asked for a discussion about modesty. I am just going to cut and paste my comment here :) Please read the article before reading my comments.

My Response: This article is pretty stupid. An AFFAIR started because a woman wore a tight tee shirt to a retreat? seriously? Of course women should use good sense in dressing, but as a well endowed woman who has felt ashamed of the way God made me, since I was a teen and making stupid horny boys stumble with something that I had no control over, I think it's time to stop and call a spade, a spade. MEN, stop trying to control YOUR thought life through external means, and stop trying to feed a sense of PRIDE that you don't stumble by removing all the stumbling blocks.

The pastor in this article talked about how he was uncomfortable saying anything....maybe if you had some women preaching and in leadership instead of keeping them "where the good Lord meant them to be, quiet" they would be able to handle the extreme cases and not make your pretty little eyes hurt.
Mom, are these pants to tight for Jesus

Modesty is MUCH more about the heart than the clothes. I have seen Pentecostal holiness girls in the floor length denim skirts walk in such a way, that they put the average streetwalker to shame. Modesty is about the heart, and the spirit of lust. If, as a woman, you have a lustful spirit, no amount of fabric will fix that.

And men, grow the heck up! At some point, you become a man, not a horny teenager. But I guess, in churches where a womans value is mostly dependent on how she is a "helper" for men, I can see that there would be an inordinate amount of time spent on how she is dressed. Could you imagine if MEN were subject to this much debate about THEIR clothing? No, because women in those circles "respect" men, but men PARTICULARLY in those circles, don't TRULY respect women. SO it becomes about her, not him.

ETA: I am not saying that church should turn into a strip joint. Just pointing out the absurdity of the burden on women in this particular issue. It just seems to me that the only logical conclusion of this clothing obsession in the modern church is that 'truly holy women' will end up in burkas.

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