Friday, March 30, 2012

I Wish This List Existed When I Started Gluten Free Living

If you are new to Gluten Free living, or know you need to take the plunge and are totally overwhelmed, this is a great lis to get you started! It's not nearly as hard as it seems :)

1. Chipotle. You can have everything there, including the chips, just NO TORTILLAS. They are my favorite on the run food.
1A. PF Changs/Pei Wei have an excellent, extensive GF menu including dessert!
2. Mcdonalds Fries, shakes, grilled chicken salads (and dressings which is a biggie)
3. Wendys: Chili and baked potato, fires (but here, you have to ask if the fires are fried separately from the other fried foods) chili cheese fries and all the grilled chicken salads.
4. Udi's pizza crust is GREAT! It's very crispy, almost a cracker consistency but it's really yummy.
5. Ian's ANYTHING. Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc.
6. Go-gurts
7. Schar hamburger buns, bread, and cookies
8. Udi's blueberry muffins and chocolate muffins MMMMMM so good!
9. Glutino's crackers
10. Bisquik GF pancake mix
11. Maple syrup
12. Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix-sooooooo good. You can make strawberry shortcake with this mix as well as super yummy cupcakes.
13. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies
14. Bob's Red Mill is sa great brand and makes a:
      ~All Purpose baking mix and add a little cornmeal for breading fish and chicken
      ~chocolate chip cookie mix
      ~brownie Mix
      (virtually anything in the GF section made by Bobs Red Mill)
15. Amy's makes some really good frozen foods but avoid the mac and cheese
16. Quinoa/corn pasta: You want to try to minimize your corn intake, so use either quinoa or quinoa/corn blend (all corn in the US is Genetically Modified)
17. Breyer's Vanilla ice cream IS GF.
18. Rice Krispy Treats-You can make them fresh or buy them from the store
19. Wavy Lays or original Lays Potato
20. Scrambled Eggs all kind of ways
21. French toast
22. Steak and hamburger meat
23. Any Veggie
24. Any Fruit
25. Any Meat

Hope this lists helps you out!!!!!

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