Thursday, October 6, 2011

Even the Sparrows....

Go HERE first:

Steve Jobs died yesterday. Jonathan died today. I know that he won't be on the cover of TIME, or even on your local news. But his life mattered, just as much as Steve Job's. Can you spare even a portion of the time you took to ponder Job's passing, and think about this little boy whose life hadn't even started? You read up about how Jobs lived, the kind of house he lived in, the struggles he went through to become an icon, will you take a moment to consider how this little boy lived, what dreams he might have had, the hurdles he faced. What he had already lost.....As you spend hundreds of dollars purchasing "things" from that person's company, can you spare a few dollars that will provide you with nothing tangible, but means everything to these kids?

Can you make a difference? If you have read this, you are already on your way. Now take another step. Skip your morning Starbucks and send them something that will last longer than your caffeine buzz. Before you load another app for your ipad, spend that instead on something that counts for eternity.

For without the perspective of eternity, all our struggles, all our gains, all our failures, all our pain, is meaningless.