Friday, March 30, 2012

I Wish This List Existed When I Started Gluten Free Living

If you are new to Gluten Free living, or know you need to take the plunge and are totally overwhelmed, this is a great lis to get you started! It's not nearly as hard as it seems :)

1. Chipotle. You can have everything there, including the chips, just NO TORTILLAS. They are my favorite on the run food.
1A. PF Changs/Pei Wei have an excellent, extensive GF menu including dessert!
2. Mcdonalds Fries, shakes, grilled chicken salads (and dressings which is a biggie)
3. Wendys: Chili and baked potato, fires (but here, you have to ask if the fires are fried separately from the other fried foods) chili cheese fries and all the grilled chicken salads.
4. Udi's pizza crust is GREAT! It's very crispy, almost a cracker consistency but it's really yummy.
5. Ian's ANYTHING. Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc.
6. Go-gurts
7. Schar hamburger buns, bread, and cookies
8. Udi's blueberry muffins and chocolate muffins MMMMMM so good!
9. Glutino's crackers
10. Bisquik GF pancake mix
11. Maple syrup
12. Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix-sooooooo good. You can make strawberry shortcake with this mix as well as super yummy cupcakes.
13. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies
14. Bob's Red Mill is sa great brand and makes a:
      ~All Purpose baking mix and add a little cornmeal for breading fish and chicken
      ~chocolate chip cookie mix
      ~brownie Mix
      (virtually anything in the GF section made by Bobs Red Mill)
15. Amy's makes some really good frozen foods but avoid the mac and cheese
16. Quinoa/corn pasta: You want to try to minimize your corn intake, so use either quinoa or quinoa/corn blend (all corn in the US is Genetically Modified)
17. Breyer's Vanilla ice cream IS GF.
18. Rice Krispy Treats-You can make them fresh or buy them from the store
19. Wavy Lays or original Lays Potato
20. Scrambled Eggs all kind of ways
21. French toast
22. Steak and hamburger meat
23. Any Veggie
24. Any Fruit
25. Any Meat

Hope this lists helps you out!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Girl in the Stripper Heels

So a girl is walking across campus late one night. She was visiting some friends in another dorm, and they were all dressed up to re-enact the Bella/Edward wedding. She had taken off her ridiculous white dress, but forgot to bring a change of shoes. Walking across campus in lucite high heels wasn't easy, and she definitely wobbled a bit, but it was late. No one was going to judge her.

But then Joe drove by her as she walked down the sidewalk. He got to thinking "why is this girl wobbling around outside, dressed in a short dress and super high heels? She obviously must be high and in that outfit, looking for sex. I must go investigate. I should also call campus police, since there have been some drunk girls passed out on the front lawn recently".

So he called campus police. In the call, he mentioned that this girl was a slut and a whore who was looking for a good time. The campus police said "stop following her, we will take care of it".

Joe didn't listen. He was concerned that this girl, obviously a slut, was just hanging around and it bothered him. It bothered him a lot. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He got out of his car and approached this young woman. She turned around and said in a fearful voice "who are you? Why are you following me?"

Joe grabbed her and dragged her behind a tree and tried to assault her. Joe hit her, again and again, until she lay still.

A few minutes later, the campus police drive up and say, "what is going on here?"

Joe said "I was defending myself officer. She attacked me so I killed her. I have the right to stand my ground if someone comes at me".

The officer took one look at the lucite heels, and Joe's bloody mouth, and said "oh, ok. I am glad that you were able to defend yourself against this obvious aggressor".

And then Joe went home. The End.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin and Autism

My heart is breaking for the Martin family right now. A 17 year old boy was gunned down by a man who was tired of "them always getting away".

Trayvon was black

The gunman was Hispanic

The gunman has not been arrested.

How can this be? How can a man shoot another person and not have to answer for his crime? Because Florida has a law called the "stand your ground" law that allows someone to shoot a person if they feel threatened.

But I am white. So I have never felt the fear that many black people live with on a daily basis.

Until I learned more about how this law could affect my child, my family, because my son has autism.

Let me paint a picture for you: my son (who should be about 6'4" tall when fully grown) is in the mall, and wants to go to the pet store. I say no, triggering an explosive emotional response. He raises his voice. Maybe he tries to pull away from me and run. A bystander feels threatened,

Now do you understand? After justice is found for Trayvon Martin, this law needs to be changed before justice must be found for your kid, or mine.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ladies, Is It REALLY Our Fault?

A friend recently posted this article: and asked for a discussion about modesty. I am just going to cut and paste my comment here :) Please read the article before reading my comments.

My Response: This article is pretty stupid. An AFFAIR started because a woman wore a tight tee shirt to a retreat? seriously? Of course women should use good sense in dressing, but as a well endowed woman who has felt ashamed of the way God made me, since I was a teen and making stupid horny boys stumble with something that I had no control over, I think it's time to stop and call a spade, a spade. MEN, stop trying to control YOUR thought life through external means, and stop trying to feed a sense of PRIDE that you don't stumble by removing all the stumbling blocks.

The pastor in this article talked about how he was uncomfortable saying anything....maybe if you had some women preaching and in leadership instead of keeping them "where the good Lord meant them to be, quiet" they would be able to handle the extreme cases and not make your pretty little eyes hurt.
Mom, are these pants to tight for Jesus

Modesty is MUCH more about the heart than the clothes. I have seen Pentecostal holiness girls in the floor length denim skirts walk in such a way, that they put the average streetwalker to shame. Modesty is about the heart, and the spirit of lust. If, as a woman, you have a lustful spirit, no amount of fabric will fix that.

And men, grow the heck up! At some point, you become a man, not a horny teenager. But I guess, in churches where a womans value is mostly dependent on how she is a "helper" for men, I can see that there would be an inordinate amount of time spent on how she is dressed. Could you imagine if MEN were subject to this much debate about THEIR clothing? No, because women in those circles "respect" men, but men PARTICULARLY in those circles, don't TRULY respect women. SO it becomes about her, not him.

ETA: I am not saying that church should turn into a strip joint. Just pointing out the absurdity of the burden on women in this particular issue. It just seems to me that the only logical conclusion of this clothing obsession in the modern church is that 'truly holy women' will end up in burkas.