Sunday, January 2, 2011

“You Can’t Put Lipstick on a Pig”

There are few things more offensive/hurtful to a woman than for someone to attack their physical appearance. In the last presidential election, unfortunately it seemed like par for the course-that a womans appearance carried more importance than her beliefs, education and even voting record.
What kind of messed up world is this? Since when does your “hotness” (or not-ness) have any bearing on your ability to make good decisions for the people of this country?
I can hear you ladies saying under your breath “those awful men and their judging of us”. Um, pot, meet kettle. Don’t even try to brush this off as a men-only problem. The cover of a magazine was devoted to Michelle Obama’s ARMS for goodness sakes, and we still paid money for it. I don’t think many men were purchasing Vanity Fair that month.
I guess I don’t understand why it’s “unseemly” to have polls on who is hotter, Harry Reid or Pres Obama, yet Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama are compared and critiqued about their clothing, their boobs, their arms, and their hair. When did politics become so much like a casting office at a Hollywood move set?
Politics is ugly. It’s messy. It stinks to high heaven and forces it’s members to swallow all kinds of garbage. In essence, it’s a pigsty.
So pick your lipstick people-we are all wearing a lovely shade of “guilty”.

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