Sunday, January 2, 2011

“Tis folly to be wise”

Reading through some comments on an article on, my heart is hurting from what I have read. The story had to do with Autism awareness. The story was lovely was such an uplifting read.
Until I get to the comments.
The comments ranged from mildly ignorant to plain offensive and even attacking parents who take their autistic children out of the home. Here was a gem: ” ‘But it’s still difficult to explain to others, Shumaker said, when Matthew comments at the supermarket that a person standing in front of them at the check-out line is too fat to buy ice cream. ‘
Maybe Matthew needs to not be at the grocery store, the problem in the situation shouldn’t be on the fat person who just wants to get his or her ice cream in peace. There is no sane reason to expect societal norms to radically shift because someone claims that their child is unable to behave properly and then forces that behavior on other people. Whether or not the behavior is caused by a physical condition is irrelevant, it’s merely rude to demand the world at large adjust to you.
Ok, I will keep my child home forever because when my child is an adult, YOU will deliver food to his front door and pay his bills for him or maybe hire him? Ohhhhhh you won’t? Then shut the #*(&$ up!
Another lovely sentiment: Any challenged person deserves consideration; but actions which are or are not acceptable to the community must also be considered. Autism is not a license to commit bizarre violent behavior.
No where did ANYONE say that violent behavior was ok.  I guess this opinion is permissible since you qualified and justified it by saying “challenged” people deserve consideration. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Ok, the next time my child wants to sit and stare “bizarrely” at a spinning wheel, I will explain to him that a disability is no excuse to be bizarre.
Do you think I could tell that to someone with cerebral palsy? No?
I guess the burning crosses are now safely hidden behind your avatars. Take your hood off if you are going to make comments like that.

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