Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I Stink At Being a Mom.

I really don't like to cook. Bake, yes, but "cook" a meal...not so much.

My kids watch TV. Yo Gabba Gabba is simply divine-and teaches wonderful skills like "don't, don't, don't bite your friends".

My kids socks don't usually match. I mean seriously, no one can see them, and they don't mind. There are so many of the darn things, that I consider it a success if they are the same color.

I tell my children "NO". AND I let them have tantrums in public. I am not going to give in to my childs demands so that people around me are more comfortable.

I don't vaccinate my kids anymore. THAT one right there would be grounds for DCF taking them away, in some  places. Yeah, no thanks, not putting those chemicals in my kids.

I don't do play dates.

I am not on the PTA, the PTO, or any advisory committee at my sons school.

Even with all this bad parenting, I am (relatively) optimistic that they won't hate me when they grow up.


  1. I totally hear yo on the tellin gthem "No" and having tantrums in public. Although, Abbie loves Target so much, that all I have to do is threaten to leave--which we have left before--and she usually straightens right up. ;-)

    You're a great mom, Steph!

  2. Um. Dunno what happened to my typing. lol.